Victoria Livengood | Opera's Dixie Diva
Victoria Livengood | Opera's Dixie Diva
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“Victoria Livengood, the excellent and sensitive mezzo-soprano (...) with her moving singing, an hymn to the Russian courage.” La Repubblica , Italy

“Victoria Livengood a truly revelation.”
La Gazzetta , Italy

“Prokofiev music has been splendidly performed live by the Festival Orchestra and by the mezzo-soprano Victoria Livengood.” L'Unità, Italy

“Mezzo-soprano Victoria Livengood sang eloquently for the scene in which a woman wanders over the corpse-strewn battlefield looking for her lover.”
The Washington Post

“Livengood's brief solo, ‘The Field of the Death', is a heart-rending threnody accompanying a young girl's search of the battlefield for the two men wanting to marry her. Livengood's rich, honeyed voice was a perfect match for this piece."
Tulsa Times


“Of all the four, the mezzo-soprano Victoria Livengood , was the most satisfying in every direction. She has a wonderful sound, obviously understood what she was singing and how to get it across and she did it with musicianship and presence.” Connecticut Post

“Livengood and Ginsberg excelled in a very in a very moving duet begging for remission of sin. Later, they paired again for a beautifully thoughtful, even pleading, Agnus Dei (Lamb of God), alternating with the chorus. Livengood's solos, such as Lux Eterna (Eternal light) over a hushed orchestra, were stellar with her warm, crystalline mezzo. She went from strength to strength.” Connecticut Post

“Victoria Livengood has a wonderfully expressive face, great intensity of feeling, an appealingly vibrant sound and a hair-trigger articulation of notes that was very exciting.” The Boston Herald

“Victoria Livengood has a warm, naturally resonant mezzo-soprano voice and affecting communicative skills, I think she wore a sparkling fuchsia dress just to give her Judgment Day prophesy that ‘nothing shall remain unavenged' a theatrical boost that made it all the more unsettling.” The Boston Globe

“Mezzo-soprano Victoria Livengood possesses a keen musicianship, particularly evident in passages in which she joined other soloists. Her duet with bass-baritone Wells during the ‘Lacrimosa' section was unsurpassed in its evocation of sorrowful resignation and petitioning for mercy.” The Advertiser, Honolulu



“Then mezzo Victoria Livengood quietly began the fourth movement, ‘Ulricht'. It is a cry of faith, which Mahler insisted must be sung with a childlike simplicity and honesty. Livengood understood this, and applied her youthful voice, not excessively dark, to a reading entirely free of artifice.” The Arizona Daily Star


“Guests soloists Victoria Livengood and Paulo Szot faced the challenge of moving between life-and-death pathos and romantic satire within one coherent musical experience. The pair found an easy energy of partnership. Mezzo soprano Livengood was unafraid to live large with her voice and emotions. Livengood showed her substantial emotional range in her subdued vocal painting of a horror story (Das Irdische Leben) and again in her over-the-top flirting in the duets.”
Times Union, Jacksonville, Florida

“Mezzo-soprano Victoria Livengood's operatic presence, dramatic presentation and evenness of tone over her entire range empowered her solos in the following movement with a plaintive purity reflective of the text's longing for redemption.” Tucson Citizen

Rossini: ERMIONE

“Victoria Livengood was a sensitive, dusky Andromaca in a uniformly solid cast.” The New York Times

“Mezzo Soprano Victoria Livengood sang the role of the captive Andromaca with a wide range and impressive power.” Opera News


“Best of the lot was mezzo-soprano Victoria Livengood, who as the guardian angel, joined heart melting beauty of tone to volume of sound in a manner reminiscent of the great English alto Helen Watts.” The Patriot Ledger, Boston


“A newcomer to these programs, Livengood was impressive with her seamless voice that descended into her lower register without a change in timbre, her splendid breath control and her studied but effective stage presence."
The Greenwich Times


“But the color and richness of Livengood's mezzo-soprano made the biggest impression. Her ‘Agnus Dei' emerged smooth as satin, shining high in the powerful moments and glowing warmly in the lower register.” The Oregonian, Portland



“Mezzo soprano Victoria Livengood, whom Connecticut Grand Opera & Orchestra audiences may remember from her performances of the Verdi Requiem last season, was successful in surmounting the acoustical obstacles. In true operatic form, Livengood was able to project her warm, luxuriant instrument over and above the combined choirs and orchestra – with exemplary diction and much detail – to dynamic effect."
The Advocate & Greenwich Times

"A mezzo soprano of superior abilities, Livengood sang her way-compellingly and easily through an extremely diverse vocal program with a nearly impossible range and intense emotional scope.”
The Advocate & Greenwich Times

“Victoria Livengood came, was seen and heard, and conquered. She merits as many superlatives as come to mind. She demonstrated an exceptional voice of immense range and size, completely even tone quality across the full dynamic spectrum, impeccable diction, intelligence and passion. Roll it all together and it spells Spectacular!”
The Chapel Hill Spectator, NC

“Victoria Livengood dazzled a sellout house, exhibiting the talent and power that has made her an international star. She presented and incredible range, immense power, and marvelous tonal color and shading. With 3 curtain calls, 2 encores and a standing ovation, she proved that she is a powerhouse performer.” The Chapel Hill News, NC

“Victoria Livengood's singing immediately revealed why she is one of the most sought after singers in the business. This is a large, hearty voice, but she can pare the tone down to a silver thread. Her's is a fabulous voice, but her use of the instrument is especially impressive. She artistically utilizes a wide variety of color and impressive shadings of dynamics, allowing her audience to understand the drama of the scene.” The Raleigh News and Record, NC

“True greatness came to Amelia Island in the form of Victoria Livengood. She mesmerized the audience with her beauty, charm, magnificent voice and incredible renditions. Her unbelievable talent blended together to form an unforgettably perfect evening of sheer magic, leaving listeners stunned into silence by the beauty of her performance. She brought us laughter, tears and peace and we were totally drained of worldly thoughts.” The Amelia Island News, FL

“Victoria Livengood enraptured her hometown crowd with a tailor-made program. She gave them a gold-medal caliber performance: Incredible, Powerful, Stupendous. Even MacArthur was not welcomed back more warmly. In return, they gave her a key to the city, 2 standing ovations and their hearts.” The Thomasville Times, NC

September 11th Tribute “Victoria Livengood brought a hush to the audience at the former site of the World Trade Center and received rousing applause through her songs of loss, strength and hope in a concert to commemorate the fifth anniversary since the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. Singing in front on a commemorative quilt measuring 10 by 60 feet with images of those who died in the attack, Livengood presented an appropriate and phenomenal concert that brought tears to the eyes and helped ease the pain for those who attended.” The Advocate, Stamford, Connecticut

Master Class


“Victoria Livengood's master class was absolutely wonderful! She was gentle and kind, yet absolutely precise, honest and firm in all her observations and admonitions and all the while with a great sense of humor. She has enormous gifts as both a singer and teacher and it was obvious to everyone there that she knows her art inside out!” Jacksonville , FL